Membership Fee

Stonecrest Swim Club requires families to purchase a one-time investment in the form of a Bond.  The initial Bond fee is $500.00 and is refundable upon formal resignation from the Club.

The Stonecrest Swim Club By-laws provide the terms and condition of Membership and dictate the process to which Membership Bonds are refunded. 


Annual Dues

The 2019 Annual Dues are currently $385.00 for a family based membership.  A family based membership is inclusive of parents and children (age 26 or below) living at the same address.

The Annual Dues are to be received by April 1st each year.  A late payment fee of $50.00 may be charged to families if the Annual Dues are not received by the 15th of April.


Guest Fees

Stonecrest families are encouraged to bring guests to the Club. 

  • $4.00 per visit

  • Twilight rate is $2.00 (Monday to Thursday - 5:00 pm until close)

  • Guest Books are available upon request, $25.00 for 10 guest passes

  • Longterm Pass $15.00 per week (7+ days)

  • Babysitter Pass $50.00 per year

  • Resident Summer Guest $50.00 per year.