Thank you for your interest in the Stonecrest Swimming and Diving Team.  Carlye and I are pleased to return this year as Swim Team Coordinators.  Our philosophy at Stonecrest is to encourage all swimming levels and we will work with you and your child to find the appropriate placement.  Our Club offers swim lessons to compliment the Swim Team, so regardless of capability, we want all kids to experience the benefits of this great sport!  Our experienced coaches promote a fun, positive environment for the summer swimming and diving season. 


We are excited to welcome back for the 2019 season, Michael Cardiges and Brynne Rockovits.  Full coaching staff will be finalized in the weeks to come.


Registration will be opening in the next few weeks.  Please be on the lookout for an email with link and details.


While schools are still in session, practices will be every week day in the evening, typically between 5-7pm.  Once schools are out, we will transition to mornings, typically between 8-11am.  Final practice times will be set by the coaches as we approach Opening Day.  Dryland workouts may be included as part of the practices.


Stonecrest is part of the 12-team ABE League.  There will be 8 dual meets, typically held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Occasionally, meets will have to be rescheduled due to inclement weather.  Our team participates in ABE League Championship meets for diving and swimming with all 12 teams participating.  The meets are: Silver Championships, Diving Championships, and Swimming Championships.  Those are held over the last two weekends in July.  See the schedule page for dates and locations of all dual and championship meets.


Our athletes are focused on competing well and having fun.  Meanwhile, we rely on all families to volunteer and donate items to ensure a successful season for the team.  The following aspects contribute to a successful season: team registration, coordinate team pictures, concessions, meet supplies, meet volunteers, sportswear, fundraising and team picnic, just to list a few. 

Parent volunteers at meets are crucial to run the meets smoothly.  Every family is expected to fill the required number of volunteer slots.  Based on the interest we have seen in the past few months, our team will be growing this year.  This will hopefully lighten the load per family.  More information will be communicated as the season approaches!


This year, we are asking for a parent or team of parents to take the lead for the organization of our meet concession stand.  Although the stand was very successful in 2018, Carlye will be the first to admit it was too much for her to handle.  Carlye and I will be focusing more on other aspects of team administration and advancement of the program.  The role would include (but not limited to) planning for quantities, setting up SignUpGenius, handling bulk purchases, and management of leftovers.  Possibly, those who have put in many volunteer hours at the concession stand in the past and have ideas for how to improve upon it, would be willing to take charge.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in taking this on for the team.


The concession stand is an important way for our team to raise funds. We rely on team families to donate food, drinks and consumables for the concession stand during home swim meets. The concessions coordinator will provide more information on details of concession requests.


At the end of the swimming and diving season, we have a team picnic.  All swimmers, divers and families are invited.  This is a fun event to wrap up the season.  Awards are handed out and swimmers and divers are recognized.  Typically, the picnic is held a day or two following the Swimming Championship meet.  Date and time are TBD.


Initially, we will use email for communication.  Once the season begins, we will transition to using TeamSnap to communicate updates and changes to any events, including practices and meets.  Carlye and I both monitor the email address stonecrestswimteam@gmail.com.  Feel free to contact us any time with any questions you may have.



Cristian and Carlye Rojas